Exide and Amaron Batteries.

One of the most powerful brands in India. Exide has long fulfilled India’s needs in start-up and stand-by power. Exide is among the few in the world to produce the full range of lead-acid batteries for applications ranging from portable lamps to giant submarines. The technology spans flat plate,VRLA, tubular and gel batteries to meet various exacting specifications in performance, ruggedness and convenience. Wherever India needs power, we are there.

It is rarely realized that almost all major industries rely on Exide to start processes and provide critical back-up in the event of mains failure. Even power plants need Exide power and indeed are among major customers for our plante and heavy duty tubular batteries. We serve the spectrum of infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, transport,telecommunication and energy sectors with specialized batteries to suit different operating conditions. Our traction batteries power industrial forklifts, reducing pollution in workplaces. From control and safety systems to life-saving equipment , only Exide can be trusted to provide fail-safe power.

Apart from the traditional demand from manufacturing industries, the digital and telecom revolutions have seen the emergence of new demand for powering sophisticated electronic equipment in a 24*7 world. In response, Exide has upgraded its technology, entered into collaborations with technology leaders and raised service levels to set new quality benchmarks. Exide has always been proud to serve the defence forces with batteries built for extreme situations and temperatures. From the vehicles that move convoys of soldiers to battle tanks, guns and communication equipment, the army depends on Exide to deliver error-free performance. Even the soldiers’ daily life depends on Exide for stored power in frontiers where electric lines cannot reach.

Exide Batteries

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